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Silent, bored, deaf. Bubbles surface from the depths, memories playing in the reflections, holding onto my breath, diving deep.  Pulling water with my hands, letting it weave through my fingers, pushing it to the side, it returns to its place, I'm repeating the motions.  Changing the pace, I turn and whirl letting the water churn, my eyes open, feeling so free, sinking so slowly I'm floating.  Releasing the air from my lungs, I poke the air bags rising.  I spin, I flip, I dance in the dark murkiness.  I burst forth, taking a single breath in the open, reminding myself what fresh air is.  Return down under, flip over,  stare at the mirror and window.  So many lights, bright and large.  Momentary facial recognition, flickering, rippling and gone.  Hand reaches out to touch, disturbs the serenity of it all, breaks the glass.  Retract, a fragment of the surface in my palm, clutch to my chest, letting go, stroke away.  Eyes burn, blink, embrace the vision.  Pray, sound waves distorted, murmur, for myself, sounds for me, understood by me.  Nonsensical, wise, garbled, questions, answers, mixed and swirled.  Music somewhere, ears tantalized, tickled.  Feel the tightness overwhelming, senses dulled over time, flail wildly, feeling for the shattered glass.  Hand grips mine, jerked around, never pulling away, led somewhere.  Gasp for air, lungs revitalized.  Foot step echoes, a door closes, a gentle chime.  Sitting while humming to myself, tracing the air, a conductors wand.  Waiting to hear the song again.
Fragment Sentences
I wanted something lengthy today, but I didn't feel like being tedious with my details.  I wanted to keep it simple.  It's wordy, unnecessarily so.  Its on the rough side, unpolished, but that's how thoughts can be.  It's little more of what I liked and a little bit less.  Middle of the road?  It ends too abruptly, that I'll say.  Probably because I didn't really plan an ending it.  It just goes on and on, nothing actually cemented.  It's a trail.   
I listened to a lot of songs of varying tempos, moods, among things which was also affecting my fragmented sentences and the way I described things.  I wonder if it made it more messy or not in that regard.  I would like to think of this as a small project that I'll update every once in a while.
We Live,
We Breathe,
We Draw,
We Write,
We Create.

We seek to enlighten and brighten the minds about us,
We leave a mark on this world, even if our works are minuscule,
Even if the people who appreciate our works to be in the single digits.

From hobbyists to professionals, we make art,
Offensive or comforting, humble to crass, sorrowful or joyful,
Political, Religious, or somewhere in between,
It is what it is.
A perfect making of our imagination.

Je Suis Charlie
Wisp by Hi-Ice-Cas
Just a quick shot outside and turned BW
“Words can’t hurt,” there’s nothing there,
“A bunch of air,” that is what they tell them.

Who to tell when there’s no care?
Did you stand, act, or did you stare?

To you the skies are clear,
but to them the clouds are storming.

Amongst all the laughing, among the jostling,
The crowds divided.
Witnessed the rape of their spirit,
Could you hear their cries of silence?

Were Pa and Ma proud of you?
Become the hero you wanted?
Was it in the name of God?

Make a stand,
Betray a friend,
Pretend it never happened?
Did you forget,
Start witch hunts,
Never thought to call it quits?

Victimize the victims,
Cause they’re the problem,
Kiss and Make Up.

Failings of our education,
Did they find that it was worth it?

Who stood with the “in crowd,”
Who else felt that it was wrong?
No way to unleash and vent,
Those feelings pent up and break.

Policies, regulations, and religion;
Diplomacy will fail; it’s only a matter of time.

Your red pens graded the tests,
But never checked their minds.

We aren’t rubber but words are like sticks and stones,
No, they never broke my bones,
But they certainly shattered the heart.
Never once sweet, but always bitter and sour.

And we stood by as their spirits were flicked out,
Let the fear mongering in our schools and workplace exist.
Who am I to say what’s wrong, to believe in,
to wish for the correction, reworking of the system.

Make a stand,
Betray a friend,
Pretend it never really happened?
Praying for them,
It isn’t enough,
Is this where it all begins?

Use your voice,
Raise your fist,
Who is willing to finally listen?
Make the choice,
One difference,
Become the change no one else is.
Minimal Impact
Original title:  Vanish / Denial.  Something I brainstormed for October in particular.  Some lines I would change, but I had difficulty changing lines.  I get stuck in a linear fashion and have a hard time modifying stanzas.    

Visit the National Bullying Prevention Center or PACER here:
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I'm feeling rather content this summer and entering fall.  Not a lot of negativity.  Hopefully this will continue.


Breaking reality with words.
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Personal Quote: I love words, I hate words, but I always hope to get them right. ~ The Book Thief.

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